Testimonials ForCarol Sondrini

Client review 9

***** Highly likely to recommend 


Rented a home in 2016

Local knowledge      *****

Process expertise     *****

Responsiveness       *****

Negotiation skills      *****

     I was hired for a job in the King George area.  Tried to find an apartment for rent, especially since my new employer only gave me two weeks to relocate.  Tried to get help from other realtors to find a place, but some either didn’t respond or didn’t seem optimistic.  Carol, however, went above and beyond to know what was needed; and she also negotiated with the owners and found the best deal.  If I had any questions, she answered them within no more than a day.

As a matter of fact, I still have her business card and phone for any questions I have since I moved in!  Would totally recommend Carol to anyone hands down!!!